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Deaf Awareness

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Description of course

Our Deaf Awareness courses explore the issues facing Deaf, Deafened, Hard of Hearing and Deaf Blind People as well as Identifying ways in which services & information may not be accessible.

Some of the areas covered by our training are:

  • Overview of MSDP services
  • Questionnaire to test attendees prior knowledge of deafness
  • Categories of deafness
  • Terminology
  • Lipreading skills
  • Re-phrasing techniques
  • Use of Gesture
  • Overview of BSL grammar and structure
  • Fingerspelling

The course lasts 3 hours, can be held here at MSDP or we can deliver at the booker’s venue if they prefer. We will accept a maximum of 16 people.

For more information and to discuss costs, please contact us on: