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One in 5.5 people now have some sort of hearing impairment, this figure equates to almost 300,000 across Merseyside alone and over eleven million nationwide.

This Community has many challenges every day that, as hearing people, we do not even consider. Like buying or accessing services. This is an entire world of potential customers that you (as a company) would not have access to normally.

What we will offer

We will put your logo and company details on our Deaf friendly page so that our Community (with a simple click) can tell you what they need and allow you to offer your services.

How it works and costs

To appear on our website page and provide your services to our Community, there is an annual cost of £250 plus you will be required to attend a half days Deaf Awareness course at our offices in Queens Drive at a cost of £50

Total Costs: £300

With nearly three hundred thousand people in Merseyside alone, the chances of a return on your investment are high.

More importantly, you will have put some much needed revenue into the Charity and done a good deed today.

Every penny we generate goes back to provide more services

Thank you

For more information on our Deaf Friendly Charter contact: