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Breaking down barriers for D/deaf people

for over 150 years..

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We are a charity that offer a variety of services ranging from Social Care, Support Work and Equipment services to basic Sign Language courses, Interepreting Courses and Deaf Awareness training.  Our aim is to continually improve communication and services that will enable D/deaf, Deaf Blind and Hard of Hearing people to be fully empowered within society.

The Trainers:


Stephen and Ian both have personal experience of the social barriers faced by D/deaf people and have experience of delivering partnership training within the public, private and voluntary sectors.


The team has successfully provided effective equality training and specialist services throughout Merseyside for over 25 years. We aim to promote equality for people who are D/deaf, Deaf Blind and Hard of Hearing.

British Sign Language Level 1:

Signature Level 1 in British Sign Language is designed to enable learners to communicate with Deaf people in BSL about familiar day to day topics and activities


Commencing: Tuesday 28th February 2017, 9.30am - 12.30pm

Commencing: Monday 3rd April 2017, 6.00pm - 9.00pm


Course Duration: 3 hours per week for 21 weeks

Course Fee: £185.00pp

Assessment Fee: £89.00pp

Deposit: £50. Payment Plan Available


DeafBlind Communication & Guiding Skills Training

This training will explore the range of communication tactics which can be used when communicating with Deaf and Deaf/Blind people. We aim to demonstrate:


  • The use of effective methods such as Deafblind manual, Block and Hands on Signing.

  • Communication tactics

  • Lipreading exercises

  • Rephrasing

  • Facial expressions/Gestures

  • Deafblind guiding



Training will take place over 2 days:



Part 1 & Part 2 dates must be booked at the same time.

Course Fee: £75.00 pp

Location: St.Vincents School for the Blind, Yew Tree Lane,

West Derby, Liverpool, L12 9HN






British Sign Language Level 2:

Signature Level 2 in British Sign Language will enable participants to communicate

with Deaf people in BSL in a range of familiar contexts, using longer and more open-ended exchanges than at Level 1.The course is suitable for those who wish to acquire language skills at an intermediate level.  Achievement in BSL Level 1 is required.


Commencing: Tuesday 2nd May 2017, 6.00pm - 9.00pm


Course Duration: 3 hours per week for 43 weeks

Course Fee: £295.00 pp

Assessment Fee: £140.00pp



British Sign Language Level 3:

Level 3 Certificate in British Sign Language (BSL) caters for the learning needs of those who already have competence in BSL at Level 2. Successful learners must be able to demonstrate competence at Level 3 of the UK Occupational Language Standards (CILT, 2010). This means that the learner will be able to understand and use varied BSL in a range of work and social situations. The successful candidate at BSL Level 3 can register as a Communication Support Worker and progress to NVQ6 Language & NVQ6 Interpreting


Commencing:  March 2017 - Thursdays 9.30am - 12.30pm

Commencing: June 2017 - Tuesdays 6.00pm - 9.00pm


Course Duration: 3 hours per week for 12 months

Course Fee: £788.00

Assessment Fee: £140.00



Level 6 NVQ Certificate in British Sign Language (Language Unit)

Successful completion of this qualification can be used as evidence of the language skills needed in order to be able to operate at a professionally proficient level in the target language. It is useful for those who work professionally with Deaf people (for example teachers and lecturers in BSL, social workers, teachers of the Deaf, trainee interpreters, voluntary workers, workers within Deaf organisations, schools, etc) or those who aspire to work in these contexts.   Essential requirements:  Candidates must be able to demonstrate competence in BSL at Level 3.


Commencing: Enroll now!


Course Duration: Rolling program (12 months)

Immediate Start Dates

1 to 1 Tutorials

Course Fee: £1,600.00



Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting

The Diploma course offers theoretical teaching, support and guidance to enable the candidate to complete a final portfolio and be eligible to register as a qualified interpreter


Commencing: TBC


Course Duration: Rolling program (12-24 months)

Course Fee: £4,500.00







If you require further details, please contact us:


Telephone: 0151 230 5098


Or fill out our online Contact Form


British Sign Language Course

Starting Thursday 27th April 2017

The Learning Rooms CIC, Southport PR9 9DB 


Time: 5.30pm - 8.00pm

Duration: 21 Weeks

Course Fee: £185 + £89 Assessment Fee